Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

Thank you for providing the terms and conditions related to Himachaltourcab.com's services. Here is a summary of the important points for your convenience:

Ownership of Content:

All photos and videos created during trips with Himachaltourcab.com are the property of Himachaltourcab.com. Only Himachaltourcab.com has the right to use this digital content for advertising purposes. Permission is required for anyone else wishing to use this content.

Verification of ID:

Boarding will be allowed only upon verification of valid government ID. For Himachal trips, travelers must carry a Voter ID, Passport, or Driving License as Aadhar Card or Pan Card is not acceptable for obtaining permits.


No refunds will be provided for any inclusions not utilized by the client during the trip.

Responsibility for Belongings:

Travelers are responsible for their luggage and belongings. Himachaltourcab.com is not liable for any damage or missing items during the tour.

Air Conditioning and Safety:

Air conditioning will be switched off in Himachal Pradesh, and the driver may turn off the AC as needed for safety and comfort on challenging routes.

Prohibited Activities:

Drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited during the tour due to health and safety concerns. The tours may involve physically demanding activities, so travelers are advised to be in good shape.

Risks and Responsibility:

Himachaltourcab.com provides adventure experiences with inherent risks. The company is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or loss of life during the trip.

Conduct and Discipline:

Misconduct or indiscipline will not be tolerated to ensure a cordial travel community and a memorable experience.

Alterations and Delays:

The company is not responsible for delays or changes in the program due to natural hazards, accidents, weather conditions, or other incidents.


Himachaltourcab.com does not provide insurance. Travelers are advised to arrange their insurance policies to cover sickness, accidents, theft, or other reasons.

Itinerary Changes:

Itineraries may be altered for safety, comfort, and well-being, depending on factors like weather, road conditions, and participant abilities.

Driver and Vehicle:

The company is not responsible for problems or disputes with the driver. In case of vehicle breakdown, alternatives or assistance will be provided if resources are available.

Hotel Hygiene:

Hotels provided by Himachaltourcab.com will maintain proper hygiene standards, and the company will try to resolve disputes with hotels on the spot.

Your trust in Himachaltourcab.com is appreciated, and the company aims to provide a hassle-free and memorable travel experience. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out. Relax and leave your worries with Himachaltourcab.com while you book your package and embark on your journey.


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